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We think the students and staff of Animas schools are pretty great, and we want to share all the good news and keep you informed about the important events and happenings. So be sure to stop by here often for all the latest info.

Athletics Schedules

Be sure to check out our athletics schedules so you won't miss a moment of action! Keep in mind they are always subject to change. The remind app is a quick and easy way to know immediately about school/activity changes—if you are not a member contact the school so that you can get it on your phone or e-mail. 

Animas Student Visits Washington, D.C.

Brenda Elias from Animas had the amazing opportunity to visit our nation’s capital for a week in June thanks to Columbus Electric. She was able to meet representatives from our state including Susana Martinez, Tom Udall, Ben Lujan, Michelle Lujan, and Steve Pierce. She was also able to attend a youth conference with kids from all over the country, which provided her with more information about co-ops. Beyond that Brenda was able to make new friends and have a new experience. She left Washington, D.C. with a more open mind and motivation to be more involved in her co-op!

Brenda Elias in Washington DC

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