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We think the students and staff of Animas schools are pretty great, and we want to share all the good news and keep you informed about the important events and happenings. So be sure to stop by here often for all the latest info.

2016-2017 Student of the Month Awards

We are proud of the following students for their selection as student of the month during the 2016-2017 school year for grades 7-12!

  • Parker Winkler, Patrick Needham, Jalyn McDonald, Ryan Estrada, Rachel Estrada, Job Sarallano, Omar Castillo, Brenda Elias, Adrian Hernandez, Kylee Guilliam, Ryan Webster, Leann Ashurst, Angel Cuevas, Tell Swift, Coy Wagley, Rayce Wagley, Angalenna Jarvis, and Lewis Espinosa.

Each student of the month qualified for a drawing to win a Samsung Galaxy. We would like to congratulate Jalyn McDonald for winning the drawing and taking home her very own Samsung Galaxy tablet. Congratulations, Jalyn!

Congratulations to all our students selected as student of the month this year! We are proud of your hard work!

High School Track Winners

The Animas track teams brought home twenty-three medals from the state track meet May 5-6 in Albuquerque. Job won the gold in both sets of hurdles setting a new state record in the 300s. Elizabeth won third in the state in the 300 hurdles, the girls won medals in all four relays, and the boys won third in the medley.

High School Track Winners Photos

District Track Champs

Animas Lady Panthers are district track champs. Eighteen girls and boys qualified for the state track meet on May 5 and 6 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Job won first in both sets of hurdles and ran qualifying time at the first track meet of the season. He aspires to win the gold medal in both at state this year.

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