Middle & High School Grades 5 -12

The middle and high school years are a time of growth, learning, and developing talents, friendships, and life skills. Animas Middle School encompasses students in grades 5–8, and our high school is comprised of students in grades 9–12.


In addition to the standard menu of courses required for graduation, we are pleased to offer honors credit, Advanced Placement (AP) courses, and a variety of elective options. For more information about AP courses and college preparedness, please visit our Prepare for Success page.

Honors Credit
Students may earn honors credit in select classes including Algebra II, trigonometry, calculus, chemistry, physics, pharmacy technician, and anatomy. In order to be awarded honors credit, we require students to complete a teacher-approved project each semester as well as earn a minimum grade of 80%.

AP Courses
Advanced Placement (AP) is a program of college-level courses and exams for secondary school students. AP courses are more in-depth, challenging, stimulating, and, compared to other high school courses, often take more time, require more work, and give greater opportunity for individual progress and accomplishment.

Students take AP exams in May and have the option to apply qualifying scores towards college credit at many colleges and universities. AP exams require payment of the fee set by the College Board.

Clubs and Activities

We encourage students at AHS to participate in extracurricular activities and clubs. In addition to our athletics programs, we offer a variety of activities to choose from. Students have the opportunity to gain leadership experience, develop social and life skills, develop and enhance talents, and gain confidence.

  • National Honor Society (NHS)
    More than just an honor roll, NHS honors students demonstrate excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character.

We consider students for selection to NHS who achieve a minimum GPA of 3.30 and who have demonstrated excellence in the categories above and have completed the second semester of the sophomore year.

  • Student Government
    Animas High School has an active student council that performs many services for the student body and the faculty. The purpose of the council is to promote worthy school citizenship, develop school spirit and school pride, provide better understanding between the students and faculty, and produce intelligent and principled leadership.
  • The National FFA Organization
    The FFA program teaches our students that agriculture is more than planting and plucking; it is a science, a business, an art. We strive to prepare our students for success in the world by helping them identify their unique talents and explore new interests.

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