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Urgent Notification

March 26, 2020 

Re: School Closure Academic Requirements 

Dear Animas Community, 

Although, there are still numerous unknowns regarding the current school closure, there is a “high likelihood that schools will remain closed for on-campus education for the remainder of this school year,” (Secretary Ryan Stewart). We expect the official announcement by Friday, March 27. 

The educational staff of Animas Public Schools have explored ways to minimize the impact this extended break has on your child’s education. Some of our teachers have reached out to parents to share educational resources/activities and offer support for your children utilizing delivered packets and/or distance learning.

Please note, through the initial closure (Thursday, April 2), these activities are not mandatory. However, you may use them to help reduce loss of learning gaps that often occur during extended breaks.

Moving forward: We have a plan/program ready to launch on Monday, April 6 to continue our students’ required academic programs. This plan varies by grade level and we will deliver it “remotely.” We will ensure that every student has access to the needed devices, access to internet, and/or ability to transfer information. We will ensure that any/all academic requirements are fulfilled, including all high school graduation requirements. Students will have access to their classroom teachers. Expect contact by the teachers with more information and answers to your questions.

It is very important that we update all parent contact information. Please send your current email and phone contacts to mobyrne@animask12.net and lmendoza@animask12.net and include names and grade level of each of your children.

Most students still have personal items in the school buildings. Please contact the school offices for parents/guardians to arrange pickup, including clearing out of the lockers in the high school and gym. No students are to be on campus until further notice.

Meal Service: We will continue to serve “grab and go” style breakfast and lunch meals via the bus routes and in the cafeteria Monday through Thursday. Thursday service will include meals for Friday. Contact the office(s) if you would like us to add you to this service.

Your child’s education is more than just a grade. During these unprecedented times, our efforts are to prevent major learning gaps that can be very difficult to overcome in the coming years. If we all work together, we can minimize the negative impact the campus closure has on our students’ education while ensuring the health, safety, and security of our students and community.

We will continue to post updates through our website, Facebook, and the Remind App.

Again, thank you for your flexibility. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Loren R. Cushman 
(505) 382-9697 c.


Welcome to the virtual home of Animas Public Schools, home of the Panthers! We are a community of families with strong generational ties to our land and to our past. Located 37 miles southwest off Interstate-10, you won’t find sidewalks or traffic here, but you will find people, most with a little dust on their boots, who are proud of who they are and what they do. You will find a community committed to providing the best education available to its children.

Animas Public Schools serve New Mexico students in preschool through 12th grade who reside in Animas, Hachita, Playas, Rodeo, and Cotton City. We bus many of our students from up to 60 miles away. Because of these extreme distances, we operate on a four-day week, Monday - Thursday.

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